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Review of Debt-Free U, How to Pay for College

No Need for Educational Financial Aid?

In this book, Zac discusses old-fashioned concepts that are no longer adopted by students today. For example, he worked 30 hours a week while in school. And he paid for his school costs out of pocket while working. Does that sound familiar to you? It should. This strategy is reminiscent of your parents or grandparents. Back in the day, they worked and attended school at the same time. They literally paid their way through school.

Zac stresses an unrelenting work ethic. He believes in a “no-excuses” attitude, which the generations today seems to have lost. With his constant hard work at school and at work, Zac was able to graduate debt-free, an impossible dream for many students today.


Do You Need Savings for College?

Zac claims students do not need savings for college with his method. He states there is no need for college savings accounts, PARENT Plus loans, dipping into retirement accounts, etc. Instead, Zac believes he made the right choice in choosing a state school over a private school. He says public college students graduate with much less debt than private college students.

The prestige of the school name should not be a consideration either. It was not in Zac’s decision. A private college that costs significantly more is not necessarily better. Zac says to choose the state school that offers classes in your career ambitions, not the college name. Plenty of state schools offer what students need.

Zac also is a firm believer in community college first. In other words, students should spend their first two years at a community college to complete their required classes at a much lower price. Then students can transfer to a four-year university.

According to Zac, it’s all about strategy. He graduated college debt-free and without having his parents’ financial help. To do what Zac did takes an incredible amount of dedication and willpower. But the fact is, he did it.

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